Anisha Keshavan

Research Associate

University of Washington eScience Institute and Institute for Neuroengineering


Crowdsourcing Medical Image Segmentation

I'm working on a web application called Medulina to crowdsource medical image segmentation. Check out the project at

Brain Imaging Quality Control

I wrote a web application called Mindcontrol , a dashboard to explore, collaborate, and edit neuroimaging analysis outputs. Check out the project at , and also the publication .

Brain Morphometry

I am a collaborator on the Mindboggle project, where I wrote a visualization tool for Mindboggle outputs. Check it out at

Neuroimaging Meta Analyses

I am a contributor to the Brainspell project, which is a tool to collaboratively annotate neuroimaging publications for meta analyses. Check out the project at and on GitHub .

Neuroimaging Pipelines

I am a contributor to Nipype , a scalable Python-based workflow engine for neuroimaging.